Software: SWMSoft


SWMSoft helps you arrange the data collection and storage from various sources such as, bathymetric surveys, equipment inventories, photographs, field inspections and serves to forecast and recommend detailed maintenance tasks and budgets for your facilities, structures and components.

Comprehensive Inventory
SWMSoft offers a comprehensive, ArcGIS-enabled inventory of all your municipal storm water management facilities. This unified system of asset management gives you a complete catalogue of all facilities, all necessary equipment, and many component options.
Capital Planning
SWMSoft offers detailed cost breakdowns (unit rates, staff times, material costs, etc.) for listed tasks and action items, estimating the budgeted costs for operational and maintenance actions, resulting in reduced operational costs and efficient capital expenditures.
Effective Maintenance
SWMSoft gives municipalities a platform to maximize SWM efficiency while minimizing costs and liability. Each project identifies recommended action items for the facilities structures and components in need of maintenance. The system outlines the exact resources required for task descriptions, work order status, request and maintenance due dates.
Team Collaboration
Work with engineers, planning, operations and maintenance crews using the same data sets and coordination of responsibilities.
Condition and Risk Assessment
SWMSoft models and forecasts various data elements such as, condition/assessment data, sediment accumulation, bathymetric surveys and historical data. Data points plotted over time can be used to predict maintenance dates when the asset efficiency or liability is compromised.
Full Integration Services
We offer system set-up and maintenance plans to populate your database with up-to-date condition/ inspection assessment data, customized surveys, inspections, and other inventory data into your new SWMSoft asset management system.

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